Our Team


Florence Carpenter

Florence founded Processing Card to ensure that reviewing high-risk merchants would be a seamless process that produces accurate and informative reports from gathered data. Her experience in marketing and finance are outstanding, while her passion to deliver quality work is resounding.

Allen Leone

Product Manager
Allen's long-term vision and strategy for the company's development of products and services stem from his ability to gather and analyze needed data. He is also dynamically testing different CRM and automation tools to help him excellently deliver data-driven information to help meet customer satisfaction.
Nichole Godines

Nichole Godines

Marketing Director
Nichole has more than five years of background in both marketing and publishing. She first started her career in helping businesses find solutions to meet their consumers' needs and demands. She ensures and oversees the development of effective marketing strategies for the company.

Paul Dent

Writer - Credit Cards
Paul is driven to create content that empowers entrepreneurs to make better choices when it comes to doing business. He has vast experience in writing reports about merchant services and anything that's related to credit cards..

Wilbur Graham

Content Strategist - Payments & POS
Wilbur has been writing about mobile payments and point of sale since 2012. He's now leading the content development for Processing Card and is always thick searching for information.