Write For Us: Business Guest Post Opportunities

We are an online media platform that publishes stories and high-quality content on finance and how merchant processing works for both small and large businesses. We are searching for writers who are interested in guest posting and can provide useful articles about high and low-risk businesses, online and wireless payment processing, and other related how-to guides.


Business "Write For Us" Guest Author

All you have to do is follow our straightforward contributor guidelines:

The length of your blog posts

Your blog post must be between 800 and 2000 words long. The more time, the better! We feel the longer blog post adequately covers the subject. That's what guest blogging is all about.

Writing lengthier blog posts also improves SEO ranking, allowing more readers to discover your amazing material online!

Relationships, Citations, and Links

  • Your blog post must contain at least one internal link.
  • External links must be included for any third-party opinions, evidence, or statistics.
  • Please do not promote your own company. If you must, please first share your company's website URL with us.
  • We reserve the right, before or after publication, to add rel="nofollow" to any link or to remove a link related to words or images. We only allow one do-follow link per article.
  • Casinos, payday loans, and pornographic links are strictly forbidden.
  • To write a business article for us, adhere to SEO best practices.
  • HTML formatting for bulleted lists, headers, bolding, and so on.
  • You must choose at least one category.
  • You must include a meta-title and description.
  • Remember to provide alt tags and image captions for any photos included in the blog post or guest post. At least 650 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall are required for a featured image.

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Our Publishing Process

Please email us at publisher@processingcard.com for your guest post article. We have a team of editors that will review your pitch to make sure it is aligned with our niche. Once it passes the review process, we will then proceed with publishing and send you an email for confirmation, including the link to the published guest post.

Due to the high volume of guest blog articles we are receiving on a daily basis, we ask you to give us at least 3-5 days to process your request.