AI Usage Policy



This AI Usage Policy ("Policy") outlines the guidelines and practices for the use of Artificial Intelligence ("AI") technologies on ProcessingCard.com. By using the AI features on this site, users agree to abide by this Policy.


The primary purpose of using AI on ProcessingCard.com is to enhance user experience, provide accurate information, and streamline processes related to card processing and related services.

Data Privacy

AI technologies on ProcessingCard.com may process user data to provide relevant information and services. All data processing will comply with our Privacy Policy.

No personal data will be stored or used for any purpose other than to provide the service requested by the user.

Ethical Use

AI will be used ethically and responsibly, ensuring that it does not discriminate, show bias, or harm any user or group.

Users are encouraged to report any perceived biases or discrepancies in AI-generated content or recommendations.


ProcessingCard.com is committed to being transparent about the use of AI on the site. Any feature powered by AI will be clearly labeled.

Users have the right to know how AI decisions affecting them are made. Upon request, we will provide an explanation of the AI's decision-making process.

User Interaction

Users must use AI features in a respectful and appropriate manner. Misuse or manipulation of AI features is prohibited.

Feedback on AI features is encouraged to help improve the user experience.


While we strive for accuracy, AI-generated content or recommendations may not always be 100% accurate or relevant. Users should use their judgment and verify information when necessary.

ProcessingCard.com is not liable for any decisions made based on AI-generated content or recommendations.

Changes to this Policy

We may update this AI Usage Policy from time to time. Any changes will be posted on this page, and users are encouraged to review this Policy regularly.


For any questions or concerns regarding this AI Usage Policy, please contact us at support@processingcard.com.