Frequently Asked Questions

Have you pored over our posts on the best merchant account, credit card processing, and loan reviews? If there is anything else you'd like to know, you can submit a request here after perusing some of our frequently asked questions. Thank you for sticking around!

What are merchant accounts?

Merchant accounts are commercial accounts that retailers can open with a bank for their business. These are used to facilitate and accept payments made via credit and debit cards.

What is a high risk merchant account?

High risk merchant accounts are payment processing services for businesses that banks may consider "high risk." Businesses classified as high risk are more likely to have chargebacks, therefore they will have higher fees when opting for merchant services.

What are credit card processors?

Credit card processors are services that deal with transactions on debit and credit cards. Choosing the right credit card processor can make transactions more seamless through fast checkouts.

Do you provide business consultations?

Unfortunately, we do not provide business consultations.

Can I advertise on your website or become a partner?

This is a possibility. Shoot us a message if you want to advertise on our page or work with us as a partner. We are quite selective with both affiliates and advertisers, but you may submit a request for us to examine your website before we make a decision.

How can I get my software reviewed on your website?

The software reviews we create are based on our own metrics and opinions, and are published because we would personally vouch for them. However, if you are a software company that wants a feature on our site, get in contact with us first so we can assess your request.

Do you accept guest posts or submissions?

Yes we do. You may send us a message if you are interested in sharing your input and creating content for us.