How Much Is Quickbooks Credit Card Processing Fee

The cost of QuickBooks processing varies depending on how much you need to process per month and your plan. Their flat fee, however, starts at $0.25 for smaller transactions but can go up as high as $2 or more if you're making larger payments in bulk.

Quickbooks Payments prioritizes customer rates depending on a few different factors: 

  • The time length customers have used their services: Intuit has changed its merchant agreements through the years, so you will want to look at the pricing schedule that corresponds with your account start date.
  • The Quickbooks version you use (online, desktop, eCommerce, or copayments) 
  • How often do you want to pay your fees ("pay as you go" and "pay monthly")
  • Your processing volume: You get discounts the more you process.
  • The types of transactions you process: Intuit has a flat-rate pricing system that charges users different amounts depending on the type of transaction. If you key in or submit a card, not present (CNP) transactions, then your rates will be higher.

Quickbooks offers a flat-rate pricing structure, making it easy to understand. However, we believe in transparency, ease of use, fair pricing! Keep in mind that we have not covered the usual transaction fees for Quickbooks’ credit card processing services. Additionally, you'll still need to pay for bookkeeping application costs separately from these rates as well.

There is a myriad of other credit card processors out there. If you want to look beyond what Quickbooks offers, check out Processing Card’s comparison of different credit card processors for small businesses today.

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