How To Integrate Multiple Payment Gateways

Most eCommerce entrepreneurs offer additional products or publish blogs as their website grows. However, you shouldn’t leave your checkout process behind. Offering diverse payment options is just as important as having an extensive line of product listings. Longitudinal research shows that 7% of all shoppers automatically ditch stores with limited payment options. 

Ensure that your checkout page offers extensive payment options by integrating multiple payment gateways. Most site builders allow secondary and tertiary payment gateways — which process transactions that your primary processor cannot accommodate. A customized checkout page can process various currencies from overseas customers.

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Factors to Consider When Integrating Multiple Gateways

Do you find yourself stuck between which processors to integrate? Streamline the selection process by focusing on the following variables:

  • Processing Fees: Calculate the processing fees to maintain fair profit margins across all your payment gateways.
  • Accepted Payment Options: Create a diverse checkout page that accepts various mobile and card payment options. If possible, explore cryptocurrencies as well.
  • Processed Foreign Transactions: Look into local and international payment gateways so that your business can accommodate overseas customers.
  • Speed and Reliability: You generally want reliable payment gateways with a high tolerance for traffic surges.

Overall, avoid using similar processors. Integrate payment gateways with features that compensate for each others’ weaknesses. Strive for a comprehensive checkout page. Ensure that your shop offers all the mobile, online, and card payment options your customers prefer.
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