What Is The Cheapest Credit Card Processing For Small Business

For smaller businesses, accepting credit cards can increase sales and help you target more customers. As more and more people order online or use contactless payments, finding a credit card processor is essential. However, high-risk merchants might have higher annual fees, while businesses with a low transaction volume might also have to pay more.

Some of the most affordable credit card processing options for small businesses include Square, Paypal, and Stripe. They provide transparent fees and reliable service, minimizing expenses as much as possible. 



Square charges no monthly fee and charges 2.6% and 10 cents for card-present transactions. Their online transaction fees are slightly greater at 2.9% and 30 cents, while keyed-in ones cost 3.5% and 15 cents per transaction. Signup is easy, and they don’t have any contracts or cancellation fees. 

While they do provide free software for businesses, they aren’t an ideal choice for high-risk businesses or those that process over $10,000 monthly. 


PayPal card-present transaction fee is 2.7% and 30 cents per transaction, which is more than Square’s fees. Their online transaction fee is the same at 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction. Their flat-rate pricing is very transparent and you can pay as you go. 

If you’re interested in online checkout options and sell small-ticket items below $20, they are an ideal choice. 


Like its competitors, Stripe doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Their online transaction fee is equivalent to PayPal’s at 2.9% and 30 cents, while their card-present fee is priced at 2.7% and 5 cents. They are an ideal choice for businesses needing 24/7 customer support, but better suited to those with technical skills to maximize the features of the platform. 

All three options provide affordable rates when it comes to credit card processing for small businesses, but reading customer reviews can help you make a more informed decision in terms of additional features and ease of use. 

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