Who Has The Best Credit Card Processing Rates

If you are wondering who has the best credit card processing rates, Helcim is the best choice for small business owners looking to expand their options. Helcim offers a low monthly fee, with its processing fee discounted depending on a business's monthly volume of sales.

Helcim also rewards its customers when they spend higher amounts of money with no credit card fees because it cuts out all those high-interest rates from your bank account. Indeed, this financial technology company has been providing businesses with various solutions since 2006, making them one of America’s leading payment processors in the industry today!

What’s more is that the company has a reputation for using the latest and most excellent security practices, which is why they're in line with regulations like PCI-DSS.

How To Make A Helcim Account

Signing up for a Helcim account is easy; you just need to download an app. You don’t even need any hardware to get started, just your smartphone or tablet if you want to take payments in-store. Moreover, the card reader only costs $299 and connects with smartphones, desktops, or tablets. With Helcim's latest app, you can turn any device into a workhorse. 

Helcim also offers a point-of-sale (POS) system, customer management program, inventory management application, and a payments app. These additional services allow for easy integration with QuickBooks and WooCommerce platforms, among others, while boosting efficiency in the process.

Additionally, the company offers one plan with no monthly fees. Instead, you'll only pay the interchange and transaction fees. The fees are based on the volume conveniently calculated by a simple tool that can be found on their user-friendly website once your personal information is inputted.

With your account, you'll get money in the bank from payments within just two business days. If you have any problems, their team is always available to help via a phone call or an email message.

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