Who Regulates Credit Card Processing Companies

Credit card processing companies are regulated by a number of organizations, including the Card Association Network and NACHA sponsor banks. These entities have some overlapping responsibility for overseeing credit card regulations while each has its own specific areas they're responsible for regulating as well.


Credit Card Processing Company Regulators

Below we outline how some credit card processing company is playing its role when it comes to regulating credit card transactions.

Card Association Network

The Card Association Network is the governing body for four major credit card networks: Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. The network has rules as well as regulations that all of its members must abide by in order to be a part of this prestigious group. Every two years they release interchange rates which dictate how much merchants can charge customers when using their cards at participating retailers who accept specific types of payment methods such as cash or debit transactions.

To ensure your business utilizes the most up-to-date processing technology, you will need to find a Merchant Service Provider that is part of one or more brand networks.


The PCI DSS was established by the Data Security Council, which is made of major credit card brands including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. The purpose of this council was to initiate an industry-wide standard in order to prevent fraud from happening on a larger scale with any individual company.

When a company processes, stores, or transmits credit card data, it must follow the PCI DSS. This applies to merchant service providers but can also apply to any business that falls within the scope of these practices. Any issues are reported directly with the Data Security Council for review, and you want your company's name in good standing.


The ACH Network is essential for business owners who process credit card transactions, making it imperative to include this regulator in your plan. NACHA was established by the industry as a governing body that manages and oversees changes within the network. Their aim is the conservation of funds with regard to payment processing companies and ensuring they are compliant with all existing regulations.

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