eBook Credit Card Processor for Digital Businesses: A Guide

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    Recent estimates show that 335.7 million eBooks were sold in the United States in 2019, according to data from Statista. To accommodate this growth in sales, digital ebook businesses need to start processing credit cards to be more accessible for their customers.

    Credit card processors work with a wide variety of eCommerce businesses selling different digital download products. However, some banks may categorize internet merchants like eBook sellers as riskier due to the likelihood of online fraud.


    5 Credit Card Processors for eBook Companies

    eBook stores have a unique list of requirements depending on their size, volume of sales, location, and more. Here are some payment processors that can give your buyers the option to place online orders on your e-commerce site.

    Best for Small Companies: PayPal

    One of the best payment solutions for stores that are just getting started with selling ebooks is PayPal. Their platform is easy to use for first-time users, catering to all your business needs. It's easy to set up, and it has the added bonus of being a familiar and reliable name for many clients.


    • No need for a merchant account
    • Easy to create and send invoices
    • Transaction charges are relatively affordable
    • Integrates with different shopping cart systems
    • Keeps credit card data safe


    • Chargebacks can be expensive
    • Customer service can be improved
    • Account suspension can lead to frozen funds

    Best for Detailed Analytics: Stripe

    Stripe accepts a variety of payment methods, making it a good option for eBook businesses aiming to reach a large target market. One of their major strengths is their highly comprehensive billing analytics dashboard, which provides valuable data on sales growth, net revenue, and new subscribers.


    • Has flat rates
    • Offers discounts for nonprofit organizations
    • Lower chargeback fees
    • 24/7 customer support


    • More difficult to set up
    • Limited country availability
    • Support can be improved

    Best for High-Risk Businesses: PaymentCloud

    For more risky industries like digital downloads, PaymentCloud doesn't charge any application or setup fees. They're a great option for small to medium-sized eBook businesses as they offer reasonable charges and rates. However, you'll need to directly contact their company for a customized quote. They also provide a free credit card terminal to use if you have a physical store.


    • Doesn't charge anything to set up an account
    • Provides a free credit card terminal
    • Customer support is reliable


    • Lacks a set pricing scheme on their website
    • Lacks integration with some third-party apps

    Best for eCommerce Integration: Square

    If you're primarily selling eBooks online, Square is a great option for emerging mobile organizations. They charge a relatively low 2.6% + $0.10 per-swipe fee per transaction and provide flexible design solutions to help you set up your e-commerce store. They also partner with major companies like WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, and more.


    • Low transaction charges
    • No contract
    • Interface is user-friendly
    • Provides a free app for POS systems and swipe card reader
    • Accepts offline payments


    • Add-ons can be expensive
    • Flat-rate pricing not suited to larger organizations
    • High-risk industries might have a more difficult approval process

    Best for Complete Platform: Helcim

    If you're looking for an integrated payment solution, Helcim is a great option. Their platform combines a payment gateway with essential services including inventory management, a customer database, and recurring billing to help you run your eBook business as efficiently as possible.


    • Offers good customer support
    • Monthly account charges are minimal
    • The platform has a lot of features
    • Provides competitive interchange-plus processing rates
    • No early termination charges


    • It may not be as cost-effective for merchants processing less than $1,500 per month
    • Limited service for high-risk companies

    Why Software and eBook Businesses Need To Process Credit Cards

    To reach a wider market, software and eBook companies need to look beyond traditional financial institutions. This is because they tend to handle large volumes of online transactions, classifying them as high-risk. As a result, they must seek assistance from a merchant provider that enables them to securely accept these transactions and process payments from shoppers.

    Credit Card Payment Processing - What Is It & How Does It Work?

    Merchant banks enable eBook sellers to accept deposits from credit and debit card payments through merchant accounts. Payment processors are responsible for processing payments, connecting together the network of sellers, merchant banks, and more to make card payments possible.

    How Do You Set Up Credit Card Processing for Your eBook Business?

    To start accepting credit card payments for your eBook business, you should focus on doing research into merchant account providers to process your payments. Some factors you should consider before taking these steps include whether they have:

    • Fast and easy setup
    • Low transaction charges
    • Fraud protection
    • Features you need (e.g. shopping cart, platform compatibility, etc.)
    • Any hidden charges and contracts

    Other Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Interchange Fees?

    Interchange charges are transaction fees a seller must pay whenever a customer makes a credit card purchase on an eCommerce site. This covers costs like fraud and the risk involved in approving the payment.

    What Do I Need to Open A Merchant Account?

    Setting up a merchant account online is relatively easy. Some requirements include:

    -Business bank account information and routing numbers
    -Estimated processing volumes
    -Contact information
    -Other financial information

    Unlike many other industries, the book-publishing industry is still growing, according to a recent report from the Atlantic Council. Because of this, investing in a payment processing account for your company is the key to success.

    For more guidance on choosing the best processing account for your company, contact us today at ProcessingCard!