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    Merchants primarily work with two types of credit card processing companies: back-end and front-end processors. The latter moves transactions from the merchant's point-of-sale (POS) system to the issuing bank for approval, while the former ensures that the funds transfer to the acquiring bank.

    These credit card processors work hand-in-hand to transfer, approve, and process card and mobile payments. Instability in any aspect would compromise one's payment processing platform. With that in mind, merchants should strive to work with a reputable company with multiple card network connections and who can provide speedy card transaction approval.


    Best Front-End Credit Card Processing Company in 2022

    Here are the top, most reliable credit and debit card processors and merchant service providers that feature their own front-end processing solutions:

    Best for Scaling Businesses: Adyen

    • Multi-feature platform
    • Excellent 24/7 customer support
    • Accepts online payments globally
    • Top-notch fraud prevention program

    Online store owners who regularly process a good amount of orders and want to upgrade their frictionless payment technology can turn to Adyen. They are a globally recognized processor that provides front-end merchant services to large brands such as Facebook and Spotify.

    What sets them apart from other merchant service providers is their omnichannel platform. Clients can easily integrate their brick-and-mortar store's credit card terminal with their online shop's payment gateway. This feature streamlines sales and order tracking for those who run multiple physical and eCommerce sites.

    Best Flexible Merchant Accounts: Chase Merchant Services (CMS)

    • Monthly fees are optional
    • Month-to-month billing options
    • Customizable pricing plan

    Chase Merchant Services, formerly known as Chase Paymentech, features their own front-end solutions under JP Morgan. This system allows them to work directly with the issuing bank and acquiring bank accounts when processing credit, debit, and even mobile card transactions.

    CMS is especially proud of its flexible offers. Clients have the option to customize the pricing plan they observe, opt out of monthly fees, and even elect next-day business funding.

    Unfortunately, CMS cannot disclose their rates online since they offer customizable plans, so the pricing varies on a case-by-case basis. You'll have to consult with a verified agent to get a sample estimate.

    Most Reputable Option: Global Payments, Inc.

    • Supports international clients
    • Multi-feature POS systems
    • Extensive product lineup

    Global Payments, Inc. stands as one of the pioneers in the merchant services industry. They have been in business since the 60s. Their ability to adapt to the market's changing needs by acquiring successful competitors helped them grow and build an even more extensive client base.

    Many other companies have been providing front-end processing solutions since the mid-1900s. However, what sets Globaly Payments, Inc. apart is its solid reputation.

    Despite being a massive corporation catering to millions of merchants worldwide, they manage to keep complaints to a minimum. On the other hand, other companies of the same size struggle even to maintain a good brand reputation.

    Best POS Product Lineup: Total Systems Services, Inc. (TSYS)

    • Low volume of complaints
    • Interchange and tiered pricing plans
    • Multi-feature POS devices

    TSYS is a widely known processor that caters to upward of 650,000 merchants and handles more than $1 trillion worth of payment card transactions. They acquired Cayan in 2017.

    The company was able to streamline its payment processing operations because they offered both front- and back-end solutions under TSYS Merchant Solutions and TSYS Acquiring Solutions, respectively.

    TSYS is also set to operate under a new name, as Global Payment recently acquired the company in 2019. The most prominent benefit of having Global Payments merge with TSYS is their already extensive product lineup broadens even further.

    Clients get to choose from a wide range of card readers, hardware devices, and software programs. We suggest reviewing your add-on options to identify which features would best benefit your business.

    Best for High-Volume Businesses: FISERV

    • Customizable pricing plans for high-volume accounts
    • Competitive interchange-plus rates
    • Extensive platform and software database
    • Multi-feature POS systems

    The company was formerly known as First Data Merchant Services and was only recently acquired by the parent company FISERV in 2019. Thanks to this acquisition, they currently stand as one of the most highly sought-after merchant account service providers in the country. In fact, they power more than six million retail, ATM, and POS outlets worldwide.

    A major factor why FISERV has attracted so many clients is its multi-feature platform that includes card terminals, mobile processors, and standard POS systems. You'd be hard-pressed to find a competitor that offers as much value for your money.

    Although, we highly recommend signing up an account directly with FISERV. Having an agent or reseller aid with your application removes advanced features and benefits from your account, such as data analytics.

    We have multiple in-depth reviews comparing the most popular payment processors today. Check out our recommendations on which processors have the lowest rates.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the role of a payment processor?

    Payment processors make sure transactions are authorized so that merchants get paid on time by facilitating the transfer of funds from consumers' accounts or checking accounts directly into their bank account—just like an ATM transaction does when it's done online.

    How do credit card processors make money?

    CMS companies make the bulk of their money from three things: interest, fees charged to cardholders, and transaction fees paid by business owners that accept these cards.

    Can you negotiate credit card processing fees?

    Yes, these fees are often negotiable. Accepting payments for products and services in person and making sure your account and terminal are properly set up can save you money. Account fees may add to your overall costs, but some of these might be negotiated as well.

    How do credit card payments work for merchants?

    The cardholder presents their card for payment to the merchant at the point of sale. The acquiring bank or processor forwards the card details to a network that clears payments and requests authorization from an issuing bank, which then authorizes it if approved.

    What is the average credit card processing fee?

    The average cost of CMS can be anywhere from 1.5% to 2.9%. This includes the 3.5% percentage for swiped cards and keyed-in transactions.

    It's important that you figure out what your day-to-day needs are before setting up a system as there are many aspects involved in choosing one, from transaction fees to specific features on each swipe machine (such as contactless payments).

    Most commercial institutions that offer merchant services have strict requirements. Small business owners, fresh startups, and high-risk merchants might have trouble qualifying for a commercial merchant bank account. In these cases, we suggest exploring third-party service providers.

    Overall, research plays an integral role in finding a suitable provider for your business. Identify your unique front-end processing needs, assess which merchant service providers can address them, and then see how you can utilize your new platform to scale your brand.

    Processing Card has multiple guides that explain how owners and startups can accept credit cards and debit cards. Check out our article on payment processing solutions here!

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