Best eCommerce Credit Card Processor for Small Businesses

Opening an eCommerce store is an exciting venture for any business owner. Once you have your website set up, the next step is choosing a credit card processor to handle transactions for you. With the different companies offering these services, which one should you go for?

Getting the best eCommerce credit card processor adds an element of authority to your company. By going for the top choices, you establish to your customers how much you value the safety and security of the payments they make.

Based on ProcessingCard’s review, these are the top three eCommerce credit card processors:


Best for E-Commerce: Stripe

Stripe is the perfect payment processor for businesses operating online stores. Compared to its competitors, Stripe has the most extensive scope, with operations even in North Korea and Bangladesh.

Moreover, Stripe boasts a highly customizable feature to create your preferred checkout experience for your site. Stripe also provides you an enormous scope, accepting credit cards and major digital payment services like Apple Pay, AliPay, and WeChatPay.

For charges, Stripe asks for a fixed fee with an additional 30 cents per transaction. 

Best for Low Volume of Transactions: PayPal

Paypal is a highly flexible payment processor, and it is one of the most famous options available in the market today. Acquiring their service does not require having monthly subscriptions, with each transaction handled coming with a fee of 2.9%.

With its flexible options, Paypal is the best pick for companies that are still starting up. Moreover, the user experience on the site is smooth, and the processing is swift. Lastly, Paypal’s customer team offers quick and helpful support when problems arise.

Easiest To Set Up: Square

Square offers a strong contender for the best eCommerce credit card processor. It has lower transaction costs, a quick integration system, and an easy user experience. Not only that, Square works seamlessly with IOS and Android devices, and the bonus? Square does not charge a monthly fee!

Aside from offering proper hardware, Square also provides powerful software and easy integration through the Square App Marketplace. Moreover, you can get solutions like loyalty programs, scheduling software, payroll services, and an eCommerce website design.

Which credit card processor will be the best one for you? Don’t just go with the popular vote - think about which one has the best features for your business and industry.
Make smarter choices. Please read our guide on credit card processors for small businesses to learn more!

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