Chase Credit Journey: A Review

Seeing as how important credit scores have become, it stands to reason that an industry would be built around just that need. At least this way it’ll be easier for consumers, right? Chase Credit Journey aims to do that, and a little bit more. 

Understandably, many have found themselves hesitant to use their services. From security concerns to concerns about expenses, a bevy of fears does exist. Despite that, the company, which has been around since 2017, has been doing relatively well. 

In fact, the general response has been positive, averaging high customer reviews for the most part. Let’s try to make things a little simpler by starting with the basics. 


What You Need To Know

Chase Credit Journey A Review

As mentioned, Chase Credit Journey has been around since 2017. It was established as a way for everybody to check on their credit scores regularly, and by everyone we mean everyone. They’ve packaged this whole thing in such a way that most people can benefit from it. 

You could credit this to Chase’s profitable business. Because of this, they do not need to charge for this service, and instead, offer it for free. But with that said, what can we expect from a free product? 


The service has been available to both Chase customers and non-customers. As mentioned, the service itself is free. This means easy, free access for anyone meaning to monitor their credit scores. 

There will be a small difference in processing though. For Chase account holders, the process would be as simple as clicking a button on their website after logging in. From there you should be able to view all the necessary information.

For non-customers, the process will require the submission of information such as your Social Security Number. Additionally, you’ll have to verify any information stated in your credit report before anything else. 


Speaking of those credit scores, the score presented to you will be based off of your VantageScore. For those not familiar with the scoring system, VantageScore is a credit rating system established by 3 credit card bureaus, most notably TransUnion. 

The use of this system is claimed to show a more accurate credit score. That being said, it is still a different system used by most businesses. That most commonly used is the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) credit rating system. 

Chase Credit Journey A Review

That’s not to say that it is impossible to obtain a FICO score from other third-party score reporting. Other services, like Discovery’s, are able to show the exact FICO score earned by the user. 

That being said, the score given by VantageScore is still credible enough to help make decisions. VantageScore has seen an increase in usage but is still far from becoming the industry standard. 


In terms of features, Chase Credit Journey still maintains a minimalist approach. Aside from the basic function (Credit Score Reporting), the service will also allow users to make decisions with the added features. 

In summary, some features you should expect are: 

  • Score Simulator
  • TransUnion Notifications
  • Credit Score Tracking

Don’t worry, we’ll get into a little more details with these features. 

The point here is, Chase Credit Journey is not as stripped down as some might see it. The end-result is a product that should deliver what it advertises. Fair and accurate reporting, accessible by most anyone with an internet connection. 

What Does It Do?

Usually with free services we don’t really expect much. Maybe it’s because of our experience with free, but sub-par, services. What we’re here to tell you is that that rule does not apply to Chase Credit Journey.

Like we said, the service doesn’t just show you your credit score. To help make it easier for the user, the service offers bonus features that help with the decision process as well as improving information access. 

Credit Score Tracking

Chase Credit Journey A Review

The basic function, should of course be taken into consideration. Chase Credit Journey is able to give a weekly report for its users. This report will be using the VantageScore we’ve talked about previously. 

You can expect your VantageScore to be pretty similar to your FICO score, as it’s the most used credit rating basis by businesses today. This way, you can expect to have no surprises when dealing with any credit applications.  

Credit Score Simulator

Aside from its basic function, the service will also let users simulate a situation where the credit score may be affected. This feature is intended to help users during decision making processes or as a way to monitor risk. 

Specifically, the user will be able to simulate credit score changes in the following situations: 

  • Changes in credit use
  • History of payments
  • Total number of hard inquiries on the account*
  • Total number of balances
  • Credit age 

* Hard inquiries should be understood to be different from soft inquiries, of which Credit Chase Journey is an example of. 


As part of their goal to keep users on top of things, the service will also notify users on any alerts and events regarding their credit score. These alerts and notifications are tied into the users’ TransUnion Credit report.

In effect, important data is compiled for the user. The particular notifications and alerts you can expect to be monitored are: 

  • Alerts of fraud
  • Changes in address
  • Opening of new accounts
  • Notices on any account delinquencies 
  • Changes in account status 
  • Inquiries on user account
  • Any new Public Records reports involving users’ credit

Other Concerns

Impact on Credit Score

One of the concerns that we’ve heard is the possibility of ruining your score by using these services. Fortunately for us, that is not the case here. 

Remember when we mentioned hard inquiries as opposed to soft inquiries? Chase Credit Journey falls under the category of soft inquiries. These types of inquiries will have absolutely no impact on your credit rating. 

We know how seriously you take this subject. After all, why else would we be seeing so many businesses catering to simply monitoring your credit rating? Stay up-to-date on news and information in the industry on  ProcessingCard.com

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