How Has Digital Payments Made A Change In Marketing

While cash payments have not gone obsolete yet, digital payments have certainly taken over the global commerce industry. Statistics even show that only 12% of POS transactions in 2020 consisted of cash. The rise of digital payment landscapes certainly shifted the way businesses build their branding, launch ad sets, and market their services.

Thanks to digital payments, businesses now focus on providing a speedy checkout process. Most ad sets and marketing campaigns nowadays contain details regarding their brand’s payment processing systems. The more diverse your payment methods are, the better. Shoppers want convenience — and a fast, straightforward checkout process allows them to make repeat purchases as easy as possible.

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Significant Shifts in Marketing Trends Due to New Digital Payment Apps

Payment processing advancements made businesses realize that modern-day society calls for a more advanced payment processing industry. Cash payments are no longer enough. Statistics even show that nearly 60% of SMBs get asked every day if they accept card payments.

To reassure customers that you have an advanced checkout process, emphasize the following elements in your next campaign:

  • Payment Method Diversity: Always note the types of payment that your business accepts.
  • Overseas Payment Accommodation: Explicitly show which countries you receive payments from. 
  • Cybersecurity: Emphasize that all transactions made through your gateways are 100% secure.

Feel free to explore other marketing tactics. Overall, use your marketing campaigns to convey that you run a modern business updated on the latest trends. Incorporate the thought as tactfully as possible, of course.
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