How To Fight A Credit Card Dispute As Merchant

Merchants are not entirely defenseless against credit card disputes. The institutions and government bodies regulating processors ensure the security of both merchants and consumers. They don’t prioritize one over the other. Payment processors and card networks even give merchants a chance to contest all credit card disputes against them.

Review the credit card dispute, then inform your processor whether you wish to accept or challenge the claim within seven days. If you reject the dispute, your processor will ask for supporting documents like invoices and transaction receipts. Afterward, the acquiring and issuing banks involved will discuss the case. Investigations typically take around 90 days

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How Merchants Can Fight Credit Card Disputes

While contesting credit disputes can be pretty confusing, there are several best practices to streamline the process, such as:

  • Seeking help from your processor and acquiring bank. Your acquiring bank and processor represent your case during these disputes. Work closely with them.
  • Submitting all the necessary documents. Avoid going back and forth during the investigation by sending the transaction receipts, invoices, and correspondence copies right from the get-go.
  • Responding to disputes ASAP. Issuing and acquiring banks typically give merchants seven days to accept and reject credit card disputes. 

While credit card disputes are annoying, they are unavoidable. Merchants of all sizes encounter them at least a few times per annum — no matter what products or services they offer. 

As a precautionary measure, file all your payment transaction documents neatly. Remember: resources play a crucial role when contesting card disputes. Presenting sufficient documents and receipts allows you to steer these cases in a favorable direction as quickly as possible.

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