Is Cash Dead? Why Payment Processing Is The Future

As e-commerce advances and becomes increasingly common, cash is gradually becoming more obsolete, and digital payments are gaining in popularity.


What Is Payment Processing?

E-commerce companies often hire a third-party company to handle the financial transactions, through various methods, from the customers. Payment processing is this process of digital transactions.

Cash Isn’t Dead; It’s Just Living With Your Grandparents

It's slowly dying because people are increasingly choosing cashless payments to minimize the risk of their card information being stolen. In other words, if you want to hang onto your cash, be prepared that it may drop in value as time goes on and that it'll be worth progressively less as a medium of payment as more people use non-cash payment methods!

For retailers, there are clear advantages to opting out of handling cash, including instant access to electronic receipts and invoices; less staffing required; an easier time meeting data security standards. Purchasing equipment to accept credit cards also carries big up-front costs—one estimate puts these at $120,000 for a typical retailer. But by gradually upgrading its tills over time, the cost can be spread out, so it becomes negligible.

Jamie Hickey, Financial Advisor CoffeeSemantics.com

Time Efficient

For fast-paced enterprises, payment processing makes things a lot easier. When you stand over a counter counting money so you may give them their balance, consumers become antsy. You accept the correct amount with a credit card, which speeds up the process and improves the customer experience. Accepting credit cards using the appropriate card payment terminal adds to your clients' convenience. Customers can tap and pay in a few seconds using card payment terminals like those from UTP Group Merchant Services. This not only benefits your consumers but also helps you to complete more transactions in a single day. 

UTP Merchant Services collaborates with existing businesses to make accepting payments more convenient. Transactions are processed in less than 24 hours, and in most cases within an hour, with their Faster Processing service, as opposed to 2-4 days with other merchants. More information about the features may be found here.

Bram Jansen; Chief Editor of vpnAlert

Maintains Transaction Record

Accounting is made easier using Payment Processing. Accepting credit cards necessitates precise records of every transaction and cent received. When you do your accounting, you are far less likely to have missing money than when you use cash. Furthermore, throughout the accounting process, the danger of human mistakes and time waste is reduced. 

Lauren Cook-McKay here, Director of Marketing & Content of Divorce Answers

The world will be cashless in the future. The only question is, will it be the near future or a further future. Everyone may need to embrace that. 

Easier to Process

Money is easier to process electronically. While businesses need to pay a percentage fee for processing services, these processing services are usually less expensive than armored cars and the financial service fees associated with processing cash. 


In addition, payment processing is much easier to trace for legal reasons. Now people can easily trace if money has been sent to someone and for which purposes, which saves money and time in the criminal justice and legal departments. 

Darren Nix, Founder of Steadily Landlord Insurance


Convenience is a reason to utilize digital payments instead of cash. This is especially true when people are searching for major items like appliances or even homes!

When you want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, you don't want to carry that much cash about. And you don't always know how much money you'll need to acquire a product or service. It's far simpler to just use a secure payment platform. Consumers can then make purchases without having to go to a bank or get cash or checks first. The consequence is usually more sales for businesses, as customers who need to leave to acquire cash are less likely to return to complete the transaction.

Cindy Corpis, CEO of SearchPeopleFree.net

Payment Processing Is Secure

Payment processing is also considerably safer than using cash. Every credit card, bank, and merchant has fraud prevention built-in, ensuring that your credit card will not be used for malicious purposes. Many credit card providers also provide protection for authorized transactions, which means you may make a purchase, but the supplier fails to deliver the products or services. You can submit a dispute in this instance to get the problem rectified. 

If you pay by cash or check, this is not feasible. Because you don't have any cash on hand when you take credit cards, your firm is less likely to be robbed.

Chris Nddie, Co-Owner & Marketing Director ClothingRIC

Aids In Online Business

Payment processing helped us a lot during this pandemic as we have to do our business online to stay on the safe side. It helped us shop and pay bills online with convenience. However, almost all business establishments still prefer payment processing over cash as it is traceable and easier to process. 

Still, there is a downside to this, payment processing is done online, so if there is no internet, it is better to have cash on hand. So no, cash is not dead. We are just given an alternative way to make our daily lives easier.

Amanda Royle, Co-Founder and Personnel Supervisor Imgkits Studio


The biggest benefit of payment processing is security. When you accept cash, you are responsible for all the money that passes through your hands. If you are robbed, you lose out on that money. If you are swindled, you lose out on that money. With payment processing, you are not responsible for the transactions, except to the extent you choose to be responsible. The processor has insurance in case of fraud or theft. They will investigate, retrieve stolen monies, and return the money to the rightful owner. (Assuming the customer doesn't act like a jerk, of course.) 

If you are used to dealing with cash, it is not easy to give up. But the longer you do it, the more you will appreciate the security that payment processing offers.

Chris Panteli, Director / Founder LifeUpswing 

Compatible with Cryptocurrencies

Cash is not dead, but it is dying. With the influx of cryptocurrencies, more and more people are getting comfortable with payment processing. Whether it is credit cards, debit cards, or bitcoin, payment processing is becoming more and more common. Most of our transactions are done with a credit card. Considering our advertising is quite expensive, it shows how much flexibility credit cards offer a business to make payments.

Chris Gadek, Head of Growth at AdQuick

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