What Are The Cheapest High-Risk Merchant Account Providers?

Between 2019 and 2020, the rate of credit card transactions increased by roughly 6%. For businesses operating in high-risk industries, finding an affordable high-risk merchant account provider can be a challenging task. To save on fees, an interchange-plus pricing plan can be more affordable compared to tiered pricing if it is offered. 

Although high-risk businesses can still expect to pay more compared to their low-risk counterparts, some of the cheapest high-risk merchant providers include PaymentCloud, Durango, and Host Merchant Services. Read on to learn about pricing and its pros and cons. 



According to customer reviews, PaymentCloud has reasonable rates for high-risk businesses. They don’t charge any application and account setup fees, which can be quite costly. Another perk they offer is one EMV-compliant card terminal with every account which also comes in handy for those just starting out. 

Unlike some other processors, they provide interchange-plus pricing which can be more affordable in the long run. 


Durango works with a wide range of high-risk companies that can be turned down by low-risk payment processors. This includes pawnshops, MOTO businesses, and telemarketing firms. Like PaymentCloud, they don’t have an application or startup fee and charge relatively low monthly fees in addition to interchange-plus pricing. 

Host Merchant Services

For businesses that have a hard time getting approved due to their products being heavily regulated, Host Merchant Services is an ideal pick. Along with interchange-plus pricing, they offer no early termination fees for qualified businesses along with monthly or yearly plans. 

Although the search for a high-risk merchant account provider that ticks all the boxes can be challenging, it’s important to note that cost shouldn’t be your only deciding factor. When it comes to the longevity and success of your business, things like the quality of customer service can make a huge difference if you run into any payment processing issues.

To learn more about whether your business might be considered high risk, check out Processing Card’s other resources.

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